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There's never anything better to do than see what's going on with someone else. If I can figure out how to code better, this will be a space for my personal thoughts, blown out opinions, movie reviews, zine uploads, maybe some skill shares or maybe not. Not sure yet. Maybe this site will help me find love. I've added my email just in case. One day I hope to even add a picture or two.

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Movie Reviews
06/27/2024 I hated this movie the first time I saw it. Controversy usually doesn't interest me. I decided to rewatch it because Breillat was doing a q&a afterwards and I thought maybe she would teach me something that I didn't already know. She did and I do feel differently about the movie and I think she speaks really beautifully. I wish I had recorded the conversation because she mentioned how losing your virginity can only happen alone no matter how connected you feel with someone else and all human suffering is singular. I still hate the movie but I hate it less. I also have a lot more to say but I don't know how to put it.
Fat Girl
06/14/2024 I wouldn't ever totally write off 80's or zombie movies, but neither is typically what I'd pick first. I don't know how much I actually enjoyed The Dead Next Door, but some parts of it were so insanely beautiful in such an odd way and I can't stop thinking about it! Maybe it was the colors? Lots of gorgeous reds and blues and gory but stupid practical effects mixed with stunning long shots. Not sure. I'm not familiar with film terminology. I should watch this one again.
Dead Next Door
05/27/2024 I’ve spoken about this a lot, but there are no hot men in horror movies anymore. This is my first time seeing Cillian Murphy young and now I wish nothing more than to be a foot taller and 40 pounds skinner. It’s complicated. What if my sweater was baggier and my straight-leg jeans sat right? I’d still wear boots but I’d get a shittier haircut and maybe try drinking well whisky on the rocks like a freak.
28 Days Later
05/22/2024 Guilty pleasure movie. Makes me feel envious in that I'll never be a douchebag in the way I truly want to be. I also have a lot of things to say about Jason Lee...
Demon Gif
With God All Things